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Regional Marketing Manager

Work Type: Full Time

- 制定高水平的區域行銷計劃,重點是根據公司目標拓展市場 
- 根據各地區現有的產品/解決方案組合制定相應的推廣計劃          
- 分析活動結果和市場趨勢;根據需求調整方法以推進整體目標的實現     
- 按區域測試各種功能或產品;監測變化如何影響業務績效  
- 與內部銷售團隊緊密合作,確保特定市場的客戶滿意度        
- 為產品發布活動制定策略,協調品牌行銷團隊、業務團隊、客戶、供應商和合作夥伴之間的工作

- 需要市場行銷、商業或相關領域的學士學位 
- 具備三年以上在科技業擔任行銷或相關工作的經驗
- 針對目標市場規劃富含創造力活動的紀錄證明
- 具有發展當地商業社群關係的能力,注重細節的優秀專案管理技能
- 在向新市場推出產品/功能方面有成功的表現  
- 具備分析數據能力,能夠快速識別市場趨勢/產業痛點
- 熟悉 Google Workspace 及相關雲端協作平台 
- 能自信地透過英語及國語商務溝通
- 具備樂趣、追求目標和挑戰的精神

Job Summary: 
We are seeking a Regional Marketing Manager to oversee all marketing tactics related to our company's strategic regional growth. The Regional Marketing Manager will be in charge of helping shape regional marketing strategy, coordinate with stakeholders from other departments, and execute regional campaigns to increase customer loyalty and overall sales. With a commitment to excellence and an understanding of the creative cloud market, the ideal candidate will have worked extensively in technology, developed strong relationships with partners, and have an impressive track record managing successful campaigns. 

Key Responsibilities:
• Develop high-level regional marketing plans that focus on expanding markets in line with company goals 
• Leverage existing relationships in regions across product/solution portfolios and customize promotion plans accordingly          
• Analyze campaign results and market trends; adjust approach as needed to advance overall objectives     
• Design experiments to test various features or products on a region-by-region basis; monitor how changes impact business performance  
• Work closely with the inside sales team to ensure customer satisfaction within specific markets        
• Create strategies for product launch events and coordinate efforts between the brand marketing team, field sales reps, customers, vendors, and partners 

• Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related field required 
• 3+ years of experience in technology marketing or related role  
• Proven track record of idea generation surrounding effective campaigns for targeted markets
• Ability to develop relationships with the local business community Excellent project management skills with an attention to detail 
• Demonstrated success in launching products/features into new markets  
• Ability to analyze data sets o identify trends/pain points quickly
• Proficiency with Google Workspace 
• Confidence in trilingual business communication
• Fun, goal-seeker and challenge lover

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